Sales/Marketing/Revenue Management

Our commitment to excellence is supported by comprehensive training programs based on our belief that every hotel employee must be sales oriented.
We provide a full line of sales and marketing manuals that explain the company’s sales and marketing philosophies on doing business. We believe in the “back to basics” of calling on our customers personally so we may capture and retain their business.


It is paramount for the long term stability and financial success of a hotel that it is well operated. Our talented and well-trained operations team drives excellent results by maintaining a balanced focus on the guest, the owner and the associate.
We operate all managed properties by providing our managers with the systems, tools and processes to effectively manage all sizes and brands of hotels. We provide each and every individual property with support, focus and leadership in all disciplines of managing a hotel. It’s a proven system, and we have received awards from most of the major brands for operational excellence.


Our accounting staff constantly communicates with hotel managers to maintain the reliability and integrity of financial information. Our accounts payable department consolidates and centrally pays vendors utilizing scanning technology and electronic approvals. By constantly monitoring state and local government web sites, our tax team ensures that not only taxes are led on time, but calculated with the most recent information available.

Human Resources

We partner with our associates, hotel operators and owners to maximize this talent, while monitoring federal, state, and local employment laws andguidelines for compliance. Our risk management team partners to minimize exposure, while maximizing cost controls in worker’s and unemployment compensation as well as other related expenses. Our compensation and benefits team partners to provide a package that is both competitive and affordable. And, our associate relations team partners to encourage a working environment of trust and respect that diminishes the potential appeal of third party involvement.


Hallmark offers a range of development services, including:
Professional third-party hotel management services for owners seeking branded and unbranded operations

Strategic and financial partnerships with locally based owner-developers, allowing for the maximization of core competencies

Acquisition of hotels without existing management contracts in primary locations, offering upside opportunities for repositioning through advanced operational and design initiatives

Development and construction of traditional hotel and resort destinations, providing a brand and operational anchor.

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